How should we go about population control?

It’s gonna happen one way or another, it’s just a matter of how. And most of the world’s woes can probably be tied to overpopulation.


Colonize other planets.

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Create a pandemic, convince the population they need a vaccine for said pandemic and introduce gene therapy to the masses that will reduce the birthrate.


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Every Nato country picks 1 person from each family to fight in the Great Covid war. We destroy China for what they did. Then use that whole country for manufacturing and farmland.

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Euthanize all standing wipers, immediately.


Materialism has ten years on your ridiculous social plans. The world population will peak in 2050 if not sooner. The problem of the future will be having children


just like recycling… if u believe n it, do it urself don’t tell me how to live my life. murica!


We are doing it to ourselves already. Endocrine disrupters in every product we use. Cell phones and laptops next to our nuts all day. Poison in our food. People are having a hard time conceiving and it’s just beginning.


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aliens delft by GIF IT UP

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If you look at all the signs of the storm coming, it would seem as if the world is preparing for war.


Outside of Africa, world population is already well on it’s way to a serious decline. All we need to do is get Africa on-board the program and ‘overpopulation’ will sort itself out. In 100 years, our ancestors are going to be worried about UNDERpopulation.

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As people consume more resources, they have less kids. Overpopulation can be an issue is specific places, but not globally.

Have everyone date my ex-wife, their sex drive will immediately plummet


There is no global overpopulation. Most of the world’s woes can be tied directly to corruption and oppression.


I don’t understand underpopulation. In 1900 there was 1.6 billion people. Today we’re at 7.9 billion.

Population growth was slow and steady until 100 years ago and then it’s boomed

Why would 4 billion be underpopulated? Or whatever number, I just picked one.

But wouldn’t there be a Goldilocks zone? Sure seems like 8 billion is too many. Why would a lower number be too little? Genuine question as I really don’t know

Get on the popluation control pill.

Lol @ OP

Mostly because of upside down demographic distributions and social safety nets. A functioning society needs more workers than retirees. If the USA drops down to 200MM people and 100MM of them are pensioners, you can kiss Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid goodbye. China has that exact problem hanging over them like the sword of Damocles. Their retarded one-child policy has created a massive demographic bubble of old people on the verge of retirement, and a much smaller cohort of youngsters who will be expected to provide for them.

Another issue is infrastructure. The United States has an infrastructure designed to support a population of 300MM people. If that number starts shrinking, we aren’t going to have enough bodies to run all those public works. What happens when the municipal water company can’t find enough employees to run their treatment plants, or when the sanitation department runs low on garbage men to go around town and collect trash, or when there aren’t enough local plumbers to keep the shit flowing out of houses and into the sewage system? Contaminated water and festering garbage on the streets lead to medieval diseases like cholera and typhus making a comeback, which only accelerates depopulation, which causes everything to spiral out of control.