How sloppy/bad will sports be when start back up?

When sports start back up, will athletes be in terrible shape making the game look like an minor leaguer game?

I think basketball players will be affected the least. I don't know if baseball players getting their timing down and feel for pitches is harder than getting a whole squad of football players to learn their plays.

The question is when will sports start back up? 12 months, 18 months, 24 months? When they start back up will there be a limit to how many seats are sold in stadiums?

I think it’s Taiwan is playing baseball in empty stadiums, i assume we’ll be doing same.

Some will, but a good many are professional enough to stay in shape. They may not be as sharp out of the gate, but who cares? I want sports back, at any level. 

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It will sure be interesting.

I’ve said this, no guarantee the top players will be the top players anymore. When players come back from injuries, it’s not usually the injury itself that means they’re never the same player again, it’s the lack of match practice