How Strong Is The Chinese Judo Team?

Read an article today how China is gearing up to win the overall medal count in the Olympics. It further stated they have been bringing in the best coaches to coach not only the athletes but their coaches.

In Atlanta the Chinese finished 3rd in the medal count with 62 behind Russia (92) and the Red, White & Blue with 110.

That got me thinking about their judo. Seems to me I have a perception of their squad much like the one I have of North Korea. That is, way behind Japan, South Korea and even Mongolia on the Asian scene. Why aren't the Chinese fielding better judo squads?

Based on all reports the Chinese will be significantly, if not dramatically, improved in all sports/events. If this is so then I imagine their judo team might be pretty damn tuff.

Question: How would the Chinese men's judo squad do in a dual meet vs. the USA?

They won two gold medals in the Women's heavy weight division in Sydney. The men's team are behind the US but since they're playing at home, I bet they're is going to be a medal or two.

thanks. It seems like the Chinese always have some giant on their team, men and women.

I know one thing for sure and that is China has some potent lower weight class olympic lifters and some powerful gymnastic squads. I always felt that if you took a young fella that trained gymnastics in grade school he would be
easy to convert to a strong judoka.

Case in point in the USA is Matt Goldstein. He started out in gymnastics, then took up judo, and ended up an all american wrestler at Lehigh. After he graduated he took up judo again for a short time and won the bronze medal in the senior nationals in the same year I believe.

The Chinese women are easily top-5 in the world. I'd say its Japan, France, Cuba, S. Korea, China, N. Korea, Belgium, Brasil, Germany, Russia....

The Chinese men are nowhere near that level. Rarely do they medal top-3 in the Asian Games.

Exactly like Josh said. The Chinese pour money into the sports which have little competition and they could get medals in (the women).

The mens judo team has been bringing in foreign coaches for a while but there isn't much progress. I wouldn't even put the Chinese men in the top 40 in the world. Competition is just too strong for them to develop a world class mens side.

i dont know about that at all... they have 1+ billion people in China. Athletically speaking, they have the potential to dominate every sporting event in the world.

their Judo program has not been successful most likely due to a lack of popularity and/or the training model they are using.

you'd think that some could jump in from their martial arts programs.

not really, considering that tai chi isnt gonna help your judo much.

Glenn, lol, good one. I knew one that was so strong I could smell him a mile away.

so strong their names come from beating steel pots against the walls... ?

i dont know much about chinese judo but hey bbuz,a girl i kick it with works at a chinese restraunt..mmmmmmm delicious!!