How the heck is Bas's neck surgery not front page

"I don't know if the text shows with the pics, but tomorrow morning I will get my neck surgery at 7AM (Pacific). They will fuse three discs together in my neck which will make space for my nerves that are caught right now, and then hopefully I will get my strength back!

I will let you guys know when I am awake and able to post something!

Godspeed, you all are great!-Bas Rutten"


Get well soon Bas! Phone Post

Possible return?!

Lol, a guy can dream. Phone Post

Only Bas can make that hospital gown look manly as shit!! Get well Bas!

Because then we wouldn't have enough room for all the Dana White and Ronda Rousey articles!

edit: Godspeed and party on Bas!

Speedy recovery Mr. Bass Rutten! Phone Post

Good luck Bas! Phone Post

A savage beast is El Guapo. Get well soon Bas. Phone Post

OG News only does stories on Honda and Dana.

Thanks for posting and get well soon to Bas.

Get well soon bas Phone Post

All my best to Bas!!

Why is this not news on

better soon Bas!

Pic reminds of Dan Ackyroyd in Coneheads! Hope you get better fast Bas!

People will stay he's going to call the next UFC with Joe -_-

You're the bas!! Phone Post

Bas you're awesome, get well soon!!!

God speed and party on Bas! Phone Post

Get well soon Bas!! Love your commentating ! Phone Post

Get better soon Bas. Phone Post