How the hell did this match up happen?

Hey, go to Thailand and fight the best 70kg fighter in the world...

That is pretty crazy. Although the farang looks pretty big I wonder if he had any prior knowledge of who he was fighting?

Anything can happen in Thailand, lol!

it happened because the thai's are shady

Is happening at Therpasit Stadium in Pattaya, all of time. All or any farang who train at any of gyms in Pattaya can have chance to throw down at one of these shows, which are promoted all of time, mostly for farangs visitors (but they aren't the beer bar exhibition things). The farang just has to be willing to do it, and have some minimal training (although some of them are pretty good too and might have considerable ring experience back whence they came). The match ups are usually or always farangs vs Thai, which indeed create more interest among the spectators. The Thai fighters range from ex boxers to younger kids apprenticing in the established camps. Maybe any Thai with some skills who wants to make some easy extra baht. I once saw a Thai fighter who looked to be 70 + years old fighting a farang. He won too! He didn't have much left at his age, but his remaining clinch skills were too much for the farang.

As somone said, anything can happen in Muang Thai, and usually does.

if i'm not mistaken, this fight was just after Yod was purchased by Fairtex(before Yods International fame) This was one of his early fights at a higher weight class. And, iirc, the farang outweighed him considerably(not that he had much of a chance)

Not an absurd beatdown perhaps, but the guy wouldnt beat Yod in 50 fights.

Also, Yod was potentially setting up a devastating KO with those body shots and may have been going somewhat easy. The ref saved him.