How the Reebok deal can help UFC go mainstream

Ok it all seems a bit shit now. But if the sport grows again, it'll result in more money for the fighters.
One way that might happen is, fitness. We all know reebok is a huge player in fitness by being involved in a lot of trendy things like crossfit, les mills, Spartan race and many more.
The ufc is already a part of that game also with they ufc gyms and ufc fit. Now imagine those two forces combine powers in that regard also, which is very likely, and it's safe to assume that a lot of potential casual fans will be exposed to some reebok ufc fit type of thing. Which will create a bigger interest in the product in general, and might actually help ufc to go fully mainstream.
What do you cheeto eating, redtube watching UGers think? Phone Post 3.0

I think this is an isolated deal between the two and will be limited to uniforms. This was not a big investment for Reebok at all for what they are getting out of it. They are just testing the MMA waters and at only 11 million a year, Reebok is winning. Phone Post 3.0

Reebok is winning but it is a market transaction which both sides "think" they both benefit. All market transactions take place in the same way. At the time of transaction both parties believe the other has something they want. Otherwise they would not make the deal. UFC + Converse would not happen, I would think, because the UFC wouldnt believe Converse would bring anything to the table. Reebok + M1 wouldnt happen because Reebok wouldnt think that M1 is big enough in the Russian market to get the Reebok name out there. Just a SWAG.

It was as mainstream as it will ever be at its peak, but the fad aspect and mismanagement ended that quickly. Most people just don't like working all week to come home and pay 60 bucks to watch people punch each other in the face. Some of us do, and that will always be the case Phone Post 3.0

MMA shouldnt go mainstream at all. It ruins the sport. The mainstream cant handle the grit. Mainstream will want it to turn into pillow fighting Phone Post 3.0

Maybe Nike or Adidas could have. Reebok? No way. Phone Post 3.0

Your an idiot if you think mainstream makes things suck Phone Post 3.0

It's all Tank Abbott's fault.

I just think there are too many fights and too few stars for the average fan to care. If you really want to keep up with the UFC, you need a free weekends plenty of disposable income and a subscription to watch prelim and international fights.

The average guy isn't going to do all of that just to see some blood.

There needs to be a yearly event for the UFC that is a big deal. Everything else should lead up to that event. Casual fans may not watch regular season baseball but when the playoffs or world series comes around, they tune in.

Timing wise it would be difficult but if the UFC could get a title fight, a super fight between champs at a catch weight, and throw in some match ups with crowd favorites it would catch on.

Rather than call it UFC 232, give it a name that stands out and becomes a household name like the Superbowl. Make the payouts for the fighters involved in that card every year really big. Just make the entire thing an event like WrestleMania. A totally different feel than any other UFC.

That builds mainstream viewing which leads to more mainstream fans year round. Just my opinion

i always thought we are pretty much mainstream right now. Don't forget, when it all boils down to it a bunch of average joe slob americans can and will never understand groundwork...Thus making MMA as mainstream as football impossible.

People seriously care too damn much about "mainstream" do you like to watch fights or not? Fuck off already. Phone Post 3.0