How the UFC paid me

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Haulport - Sean I respect you but:

a) Anything you say in regards to Zuffa is tainted because you want to be employed by them in the future.

b) If the numbers you are reporting are true why didn't Lorenzo just say, "Oh those $6k numbers are just a base. Our guys are making a minimum of X and I can prove it." He would have ended all conversations on the subject and I don't think ESPN would have even aired the special...

This. I'll back you Sean to the end, but on this subject Haulport is 100% correct.

So despite getting word from a former UFC fighter that the pay is not as shitty as you make it out to be you still wont give Zuffa any credit for it? You're a very bitter man you know.


12 -  so all fighters can talk about  what they got paid or did you get permission?

I don't ask for anyone's permission for anything

michaelkaras - youre the fuckin man mcCorkle

That's what she said

 Will continue to follow you big guy. Thanks for the break down.

Quick question, when did you receive these 'discretionary' bonuses? Locker room directly following the fight?

Thanks for the insight Sean.

I love that anyone who defends the UFC in this case are called shills. The more mainstream the sport becomes, the better the pay for fighters. Also as the sport continues to grow more sponsors will come in giving fighters more options and more money generated from sponsors.

Before the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Tennis, Boxing ect... became mainstream the players were treated as indentured servants making nothing and were not even allowed to leave a team unless they were cut.

Overall coming from a fan (I'm not a fighter or in the industry so I'm not an expert) but compared to boxing the UFC is much better at taking care of their fighters. The NFL treats its ex players like shit, especially the ones with ALS. Just look at any story involving ex NFL players with ALS before 5 years ago. The NFL completely turned their backs on these guys, and only because of media pressure did the NFL change their tune.

Now I'm not a fighter, and I'm sure being an under-card fighter for the UFC they probably deal with many struggles trying to support themselves and their families. That being said at least they have health insurance for themselves and their families, and can do appearances/teach MMA/sponsorships that help supplement their income. At least they make more than under-card boxers, funny how you don't see ESPN interviewing Bob Arum about that.

Sean McCorkle - Part of the solution to the entire issue would be fighters fighting more often. I realize that time is needed between fights for a lot of the headlining guys in order to market and promote the fight, but under card and lower level guys could fight 5-6 times a year easily barring major injury. The beatings you take in the gym on a weekly basis are often times as bad or worse than what you endure during a fight. NFL players play once a week every week for 4-6 months straight. NBA players play 3x a week for 6 months straight.

Exactly! One of the ways Pride built stars was to have them fight often. Like you said, lower tier guys could fight more often, I mean that's what they usually did before making it to the UFC. 10-20K a fight is not much if it's twice a year, but 4-5-6 times, plus the potential to market yourself and find other sponsors, etc. and it becomes viable.

What I REALLY don't like about Zuffa's current model is that they pay all kinds of undisclosed AND ARBITRARY bonuses. They run shit like the Mafia. You "behave" well, you promote well (as you did), you kick ass, you play nice to Uncle Dana and Fertitta, and we'll take great care of you. You cross the line or say things we don't like, we'll burn your ass. There's just too much discretionnary leeway that turns this into Dana ego driven model. Your paycheck is at the mercy of their whim as much as anything else.

Tad Ghostal - Quick question, when did you receive these 'discretionary' bonuses? Locker room directly following the fight?

Nope, via Fedex a few weeks later

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Sean McCorkle - 
joe bruce - translated......."Dana hire me back!"

Yeah, because it's that easy. If it was negative you guys would all say "translated.......I'm butt hurt about being cut"

touche. How do you know the UG so well?

I created the Underground

 I believe McCorkle.

joe bruce - translated......."Dana hire me back!"

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Very informed and meaningful post

Thanks Sean it was a good read.

 well said

thanks for the info

Thank you for shedding some light on the subject. You didn't have to and I as a fan appreciate it.

I don't think this will silence the haters, but at least it makes them look worse than they did prior.

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Why do people include sponsorship money also? When they have to pay the Ufc just sponsor fighters. Phone Post

 How can you not love this guy (no homo).

Good job McCorkle.  Thanks for sharing man.

Poindexter -  I believe McCorkle.

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