How thick are your wrists and ankles?

Wrist 6.5 and ankle 8.5 at 5’10 155lbs. Always hated being small boned. It’s nearly impossible to add mass to bones. What are you guys working with?

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you are a pussy. why would you admit this. my dick is thicker than 6.5.

go find some HGH immediately



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My wrist is like 6.2 if it makes you feel better.

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It was terrible growing up. I wore long sleeve pants and shirts in the summer to hide it. Ive gained muscle since then but I’m still insecure about it.

8.5 wrist, 11 ankle. I’m 5’11 225. Of course my OG hog is the combined total around though lol

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I’ve been told I have bear paws. My hands just sort of blend into my forearms without much definition. Years of escrima practice and weird genetics.

I got a max weight exemption when I was in the Air Force because my wrists were thick.

Small ankles make your calves look big…small wrists mean you punch like a bitch

Yeah more likely to snap the bone

Very veiny, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Skinny wrists and ankles here as well. When I used to wear watches I’d have to get a link taken out of the band.

My dick is long and skinny as well.

My calves are kinda big for my skinny body. Probably my only feature I’m proud of lol. My fingers and toes are long and skinny also. My toes are so long they bend to the side. I wear a large size glove, but my hands look giant sized with my wrists lol.

8.5 wrist. Too lasy to measure my cankles.

Small wrists and ankles here too.

I don’t like it one bit. My shoulders and arms are pretty good, but then I’ve got wrists like a 13 year old girl and there’s not much one can do about it.

Like some other poster said, it makes for weaker punches, but more than that, the hands and feet are our contact points with the outside world, and with them being weakly supported, I feel like it really influences our impact on the world, or at least how people see you and imagine you to be.