How to be Nice... WWGD!

I've decided that I've kept this secret to myself for way to long. The nicest thing I can do is to tell everyone.

Being nice is a way of life, and it will make yours a better one.

The secret is WWGD! When confronted by any situation you need to ask yourself What Would Gerald Do? When you come up with the answer, you'll know it's the right thing.

Thank you Gerald, if you weren't so nice, I wouldn't know what to do. Without youre guiding light, I wouldn't be so nice.


Elvis is correct (and has way too much spare time!)

That was a nice thing to say.

Of course, I'm back at work again. :)


What a great idea. Let me give it a go...... what would gerald do, what would gerald do, what would gerald do.....

"Elvis, you are the nicest pre-op transsexual I have ever met" and "You are an inspiration to Gay men everywhere" or "Your tips for dealing with the effects of 'Ring' damage are insightful to say the least"

Hey this is easier than it looks. Everyone give it a go! It is very liberating :)

Edits 1-3 to add more content and edit 4 to finally throw a spell checker at it.

Wow, you sure edited that one a few times!

Perhaps this should serve as a warning to others? Being nice can be grammatically challenging sometimes!


Grammatically, semantically and whatever the word is for spelling gud is.

you forgot to answer your very own WWGD brendon... and the survey says, have a lie down. :p

ps. a pre-op transsexual kicked your arse?

Comeonmypants: Yes yes I know, it's all very embarrising.

lol @ WWGD,

A new code to live by.

A pre-op transexual licked Brendons arse?????

Come on Brendon, WWGD, it's not "embarrassing" it's "a learning experience"

I hope that helps you on your path of self improvement.


Elvis licked my pooper?!?!!!!????!?!

I feel so defiled......

You feel defiled, what about me, I don't even like salad.


Hey Elvis,

Did the inspiration for 'WWGD' come from a patch on one of your gi's?

Hmmm... it's hazy, but it may have... Now what did that patch say?

Ummmmmmm, memory is hazy too........

*(sound of rusty hinges then slamming dungeon door)*

It said;


Anyone who disagree's with me commenting Elvis has too much spare time (see above), check the number of posts since this time yesterday (7827-7739=88)

That's right 88 posts in 24 hours!!!

I'm ringing PWC and telling them to check your actual work time this year ('actual'as opposed to sitting in front of your PC doing squat) if it's any more than 'zero', I'll be suprised!


Bah Hum Bug!

They don't pay me enough to actually do any work! It's enough that I turn up and look pretty!

BTW, what are they going to do? Fire me? Bit late since I've already quit... :)

That's right, that patch does say that. Do you realise the WWED is a parody of the WWJD, What Would Jesus Do patches/pins?