How to be Nice... WWGD!

Yes I did realise that. Only place I've ever seen the Jesus pins is Hustler Magazine, so wasn't sure if anyone else had seen them ;)

6 posts in 18 minutes.

You have an addiction my friend.


What would Elvis"Dame Edna"Sinosic do?

That's an easy one-pull guard!

Paul "not Ross" Dallow.

lol @ pauls "middle name"

Hey Ross,

Good to see you again. :)


"6 posts in 18 minutes."

Yeah I know, I had some work to do, I'll try not to slack off on the forum any more.

"You have an addiction my friend."

Who told you about the Meth problem?


Gerald you are not being very nice.

Now it should be "What would greenname do?"

lol, thanks mate

when did u move up in the world and geta green name G ...u really sold out man he he

yeah, it used to be all about the jiujits've changed. its like i dont even know you anymore!

lol@this thread.


Yeah, Gerald needs to think WWGD!


lmao top thread :)

adxv2 is a funny guy....brave to...especially from the comfort of sitting behind his keyboard and monitor in the little room where he is god.....i hope your just trolling


adxv2 thank-you for your attempt at humour. But alas I have never been KO'ed so that remark lacks any humour.It would have been funnier if you'd said "WWED? Either Bleed or run off like a Spineless Bitch!". Hopefully you'll take note and improve your sarcastic humour for further posts.It's nice to see new trolls, um, I mean members jump on and post about me first... :)Regards,

much to learn of the forum you have...mmmmmm
adxv2, when complete is your training, come back to us come you can.

Shoot, when did I clear 8000? Ouch...


Elvis is correct.

adxv2, quit trolling.

WWGD? We all know that G is a very nice guy but I feel that some times you need a little more than a kind word and a diplomatic solution, for example in a perfect world keyboard warriors like adxv2 would be held accountable for thier idiotic statements, and would be beaten senseless. To quote Robert De Niro in "Untouchables"

- "You get a lot further with a kind word and a gun than you do with just a kind word."


*Makes note to purchase gun*