How to beat Lyoto?

he's proven in his last fight that you can't beat him at his own game (countering / defensive fighting)

obviously, you cannot be aggressive against him either or he'll counter punch you in the face.

there's no one in the UFC LHW division that has better standup than him, so standing with him is ill-advised

otoh, if there were someone with better standup (say.. manhoef) but with negligible submission defense, lyoto would just take him down and submit him.

you can't hit him, you can't take him down (therefore you can't submit him)

how do you beat this man?

btw anyone have a GIF of lyoto's triple karate punch combo? (the straight ones without shoulder rotation)

Upercut / left hook by Rampage !!!

Somebody with a really exceptional primary skill....wrestling, jiujitsu, kickboxing,etc. Somebody with a really long reach, or really strong takedown skills.

 There is a thread about this by Kostakio.

Search is your friend.

His straight left will be an ace in the hole until father time drains his reflexes.

Tom O Bedlam -  There is a thread about this by Kostakio.

Search is your friend.
lol In his defense, there were probably 20 other ones before mine. :)


The phrase "How to beat Lyoto" does not exist in any language or documentation. It's a logical fallacy. Fan fic. Make Believe.