How to become a Camera Man ??

Look everything we watch on TV or Movies is because a CameraMan. i want to know how to become one?

I want to work in the News, or Sports Cameraman.

Every T.V journalist needs a camera Man. Every sport event on tv is because a camera man.

What college courses do I take. Thanks in advance

My old buddy's dad was a cameraman for a NHL hockey team/ Home Games. It was just his side gig. I have lost touch with him.

I will work for News Tv. sports, tv. xgames etc.

Basically anything really. Like FoxNews etc

Sorry if what i wrote was messy and full of grammar problems. I was in a hurry.

One thing you can do is start shooting shorts, try to get a cable access show and put all you can into what you do to build a reel. See if you can get on shooting some projects that are looking for cinematographers. If you can get a solid reel together, that will help you a ton.

find a videographer and apprentice with him/her.

take workshop classes.

buy or rent a good camera package and freelance yourself out for little
money at first so you can build up a nice reel and hone your craft.

do what Lynn recommended.

Buy camera. Shoot video. Freelance. Along the way you'll figure out your niche.

Of course, classes won't hurt either. Just jump in and start learning.

What kind of cheap camera do u prefer or reccomend?

I like Sony. The VX-2100 or PD-170.

I know this is a dumb question. By freelance, you mean anything and everything that intreste me, like family functions, vacations etc?

thanks guys for all your help...I appreciate it....havent really gotten around to it though...i have been in a lazy rut...stuck to my same routine daily....I got to break out of it soon...haha


What Lynn said. Offer services everywhere you can to build your hi-lite
reel and gain experience. I would also even study some photography to
get a good idea of what a well-composed shot looks like.

Thanks guys, im determined do make something with my life. Im still young but want to do it all. Im not into the film making though.

How did u go about getting the iternship or even contacting the head of production?

thanks man good luck in film school