How to build a lash tripod (pics)

A short picture tutorial on how to build a lash tripod from sticks for survival situations.

For the purposes of this series, the tripod will be used to boil water. The tripods are multi-purpose.

First we cut three sticks of roughly even length.  Green wood is best.  


Bonus points for using a Bushkill Blade.  Extra Bonus Points for having a Yorkie-Schnauzer to scour the countryside with.  

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Ideally we want our lashing/frapping to look like this: 



But we are going field-expedient here.  This is my end result, trying to beat the sun going down: 



We could talk all day about cordage.  You could easily make your own lashings from dried grass, straw, bark, etc.  I used 550 cord for ease.  



The established tripod, plus billy can.  



In a true survival situation, we are constantly scavenging.  It's entirely feasible to come across old rusted cans and wire in many places.  The can is hung by more 550.  I wanted to test if this was a usable method of hanging.  

So we start a small fire.  (In an ash can for cleanup...)  


Also, you can play fetch with that big red ball

Burn it down, get it hot, then add fuel to get the flames up around the can.  

My water was taking forever to boil, then I realized that a stick was sitting against the can.  We suspend the can because ANYTHING touching the can will dissipate heat and prolong the boiling process.  I moved the stick and 2 minutes later the boil started: 




Boil for 15 minutes to fully sterilize your water.  It will be smoky, and warm, but it will save your life.  

Plug for Bushkill Blades/Altofsky.  Having a great tool made this job a breeze.  


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You can build 'racks' on these tripods for smoking meat. Just a triangle lashed together, pushed over the tripod, with twigs laid down as a shelf.

You can also use as a field expedient rifle rest, if you need one.

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Try this one 


That knife is beutiful. He does amazing work Phone Post 3.0

sourcheese - That knife is beutiful. He does amazing work Phone Post 3.0

Truly. I wanted something I could chop and dig with. This knife is awesome.

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I've never owned a tracker style knife. I'm not sure I would like it