How to build a little muscle?

Ok so here is the breakdown of my problem.
I am 32 years old. Have semi low testosterone. And what is considered a small to medium size frame. I had my metabolism drop over the past 7 years with my weight going from 165 up to 190. Since october of last year I went on a health kick. I dropped down to 160lbs. Lots of cardio workouts and strict calorie counting. The problem is I most def lost some muscle and I can't seem to build any back.
I keep losing weight, I am down to 157 now even after highly upping my caloric intake. I am taking protein, and perfomix iso for aminos. I don't want to take anything like creatine where I will be retaining water weight because my goal is to be able to see my abs for the first time since I was 21. And to put on some pectoral muscle.

I can't seem to get any bigger. I am lifting doing bench press, pull ups, pull downs, weighted crunches and kettle bell excersices. But my abs are invisible.
What am I missing from my diet and or work out? I need to stop losing weight. My calories are at 1800-2000 per day. Mostly proteins and small amount of carbs.
I just don't know what to do. I am only trying to put on 2-4 lbs of muscle if possible.

Can anyone help me here?

You need to eat more. Phone Post 3.0

I feel like your goals are kind of all over the place

You want to gain weight, but you also want to see your abs

You want to gain 2-4 pounds of muscle, but you're only eating 1800-2000 calories a day

I think you need to prioritize - do you want to gain muscle (in which case, eat more calories, lift more, rest more), or do you want to see your abs (in which case, cut calories, but don't expect to see your strength increase)

Also, you can easily add some muscle if you incorporate leg work into your routine. Toss in some squats/deadlifts/etc. and you'll put on size.

I'm just a friendly broscientist though, there's way smarter guys on here that may be able to offer advice

Eat a little more, lift weights with a goal of 12-14 reps, for 3-4 sets. Phone Post 3.0

His website is queer, but muscleforlife has some good info. Phone Post 3.0

Come with me if you want to lift Phone Post 3.0

If you want abs, you're going to have to drop bodyfat, plain and simple. You want strength, well you need to focus on some core exercises. Bench, Squat, and deadlift. The rest is good, but you need to hit these core exercises, they work your biggest muscle groups, and hit the accessory muscles.

In your post you said you have semi low testosterone? How do you know? Give/get blood test results to be accurate. need to clearly ask I want to be scarecrow with abs or up your weight and put on some muscle? Once you have the answer to this, then we can help tailor a program for you. Either way you need to put on a serious feed-bag. Remember the more muscle you have the more calories it burns throughout the day.

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I dunno I only have big muscles Phone Post 3.0

Ok I will start by upping my calories. As far as trying to see my abs that is my end goal for my honeymoon in august. I was hoping to put some muscle on first and then later in july try and change diet to get abs to show.
As far as leg work out. I really don't want my legs to get any bigger. My thighs and calves are quite large and very cut muscle wise. Mostly from calf raises and basketball/biking.

I have been doing upper body for about 40 min every other day. And on days in between mostly cardio like biking/running etc.

I guess I will start by upping calories to 2400-2500 at first. And more if neccasary.

The other side note I should state is I am on adderall for ADHD. It greatly changes my appetite. So it makes getting all those calories in a bit harder. I have been doing protein shakes between meals. I will have to start adding in some more small stuff through out the day. Maybe grilled chicken and or fruit. Most of my dinners consist of chicken or steak and a starch.

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drop juice/soda if you haven't.

Do lots of HIIT.

Compound lifts.

On my testosterone level that someone asked about.
I had it test twice last year. The first time it was at 240, and the second time it was much higher at 480. The doctor said it could have been the time of day that the tests were done causing the difference.

And next on to calories. My current weight being down to 157 how many calories should I be taking? It seems obvious that I am not taking enough from the continued weight loss plus lack of muscle being built. But what range should I be looking for?

I am willing to take advice given. And hope I don't come off as someone trying to argue with people after asking for advice. I just want to make sure that people understand my goal I guess.

I am not looking to get massive or anything crazy. I am just looking to build slightly larger muscles. And on the whole seeing ab thing I was under the impression that even if I was eating enough calories to build muscle. As long as I was eating the right types of food I would still end up being able to cut some belly fat out. But I understand that may not be possible from reading the post.
I thank everyone for the advice so far and I will definatly be taking it. Open to more peoples opinions as well. Any other supplements I should be taking besides the protein and aminos? But once again just please nothing that is going to increase bloating or water weight.

I used creatine in the past and while I did love it for the gains I got. But I seemed to retain water and feel bloated on it.

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bump for more advice

Are you following a proper plan or just fucking about?

Imo find a 4 day a week split, lots of volume and follow it religiously while eating heaps.