How to burn torrent files

How do I burn Mpeg and AVI files I've downloaded via torrent ? Do I have to convert the file ?

Are you just trying to burn them to save them or are you trying to get them to play in a standard (TV top) DVD player? If you wanted to back them up that's just burning them as data (like burning any other data CD/DVD). However if you want them to play in the DVD player that's different and I've never done it before, so although I can guess at what needs to be done for it I'm going to leave it to someone who has done it before.

Sorry I couldn't be more help

It doesn't have to be DVD, I just want to burn fights on CD that can be played on other PCs.

I he has XP that will work...

If not, Get Nero (or some equivalent) and just burn it as data instead of video and it will just save as raw data on the disk...

Ok I have XP and I will try that. Will any PC without Torrent be able to pla the Cd ?

dendawg, I think you misunderstand how bittorrent works.  After you've downloaded a file with it, you should be left with a .torrent file and the actual media file itself.  This media file is standard and completely unchanged by the bittorrent download process and will work as normal on any PC.