How to bust false MMA Fighters

Please share stories or common tactics you emply when busting false MMA Fighter Claims.

someone mentioned this should be a thread, so I made it.

I like to just slap them across the face full out...If they fall down and cry and shakily hand me there wallet...I know they are full of shit...If they block it and kick my head in...They are usually on the level...Then we go for a beer.

i usually kiss them on the mouth. if they try to punch me in the face i know they are legit


its not as easy as it once was. start throwing a few terms at them and they usually come clean.

if they claim to bench 300lbs+ ,bang supermodels and have 9in penises I know they're UG brothers.

I ask many follow up questions as if I'm actually buying it. Eventually they paint themselves into a corner at which point I own them on every blatant lie they've told.

Like the guy who said he was a black belt in BJJ. I asked who promoted him. He spat out a name I had never heard. I asked who the name I had never heard had gotten his from and he said STEVEN SEGAL. LMAO. I could have pounced then and there, but I waited a little longer and said I wasn't aware Segal had his black in BJJ. He advised me I was correct as Steven Segal in fact has a RED BELT! Then I tore him apart.

I don't try to bust people, but I do like to talk to them. The fakers annoy me because they can't actually hold a conversation and then both of us just wasted our time.

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"where do you train"?

most answers will be Matt Serra or Royce Gracie.

down in FL youll here "oh american top team".

then you start asking..."ohhhh then you know ____ and ____ and this person....??"

  • naming off the instructors namess..

and they will be clueless..

I ask them what their UG screen name is. If they have one, I know theyre probably a fake fighter.

Ask them if they've had six months of sprawl training.


Just ask what an EvilMaster is.

If they train here, then you know they're fake.

I dont like to embarass people in public. Its funny to start asking them questions though and just laugh to yourself. No need to punish them

I had a guy come into my gym claiming to have trained with Ralph Gracie and Frank Shamrock for 10 years. He told me he was 30-6 in pro mma and a shidokan champion. When I asked who his last fight was against he told me he KO'd Brian Gassaway.

One of my guys trained with Ralph for a number of years and never heard of him. My boxing coach knew the guy from when a local pro boxer knocked him out for talking trash in his gym.

Sensing he was bullshit I put him with one of my blue belts who he had by at least 40 pounds. He tapped 15 times in a 3 minute roll, never came back.

I had a guy come up to me at a bar who randomly had seen my fights on Youtube and asked if I was the same guy. I said yeah and his friend comes up. After hearing from his drunken comrade I was a "UFC fighter and a fucking killer, bro" he arrogantly asks, "Really, what show do you fight for?"

I said, "uhhh, different's not like you just fight for one show unless you're at the UFC level"

He looked at me like he just caught me in a huge lie and said, "Ohhhh...gotcha" and walked off.

This is a funny one my old MMA trainer Cory was at a bar and was talking to some guys that claimed to be an MMA fighter. My couch asked him who he trained with and he told him the guys name. My coach laughs and says I never knew I trained you!

whenever the fake fighter spouts some bullshit, come up with an even bigger whopper, and just keep going, tell tales so absurd that HE has to bust you.

when he does, just laugh and say, "Yeah, I know..." then list his bullshit too and start laughing like you were both in on the gag."

Chances are he'll go with it realizing he's been busted and trying to save face.