How to clinch?

On the other forums, there have been threads about how to clinch against strikes.

I was wondering what boxers would say about this? How do you clinch, guys, if you wanted to get a breather without getting hit? Cover up and charge? Something else?




slip a punch, slide into your opponent, wrap up his hands

Thanks. No one else has an opinion?

I've been told to try to keep his hands close to your body and grab the backs of his elbows; that keeps him from punching and gives you a little advantage in case you want to break the clinch throw a hook.

But I learned that from my dirty little brother, and with him you are lucky to get a hook instead of an elbow lol

I like to overhook one arm just above the elbow, then either pull down on their neck or press my other hand into their opposite shoulder to keep them from hitting me with that hand. I also keep my head on the same side of their head that I've overhooked as much as possible. (Almost all of this is illegal by the way)

If I'm really trying to aggravate them, I'll basically arm bar them into punches. Crank on the arm you've overhooked and punch them with the other hand lol.

When you see or feel them getting ready to punch with their free hand, twist your body and crank hard on the overhooked arm. It will throw them off balance and make them lurch forward. Hit them with your free hand while you do this. Really pisses people off and makes them waste a lot of energy trying to pull free from you.

I've always believed that my grappling has helped my boxing clinch a lot, because I am much more efficient in my energy output and more sensitive to which way to focus my energy when we're locked up.

They push into me, I'll pull them that way rather than try to outmuscle everyone. I hope I've explained this in a way that you can understand(?). If we were in the same room I could show it to you in seconds, but writing it out is harder.

When you said "twist your body", did you mean twist toward the side you have overhooked or twist towards their free hand?

Twisting toward the overhooked side, it would seem, would give you more power from your free hand, as well as rolling away from their punch. But twisting the other way would keep them from being able to put much on their punch, so there may be no need to roll with it.

I guess it depends on whether you wanted to throw a hook or an uppercut.

You're basically armbarring them, so you crank into their arm. You've only got to crank enough to offset their balance when they're setting up to punch. Then you throw your own punches with your free hand.

No, it's not going to allow you great leverage or power, but you will see them get really frustrated and they'll waste a lot of energy trying to pull loose of you. Is this explanation a little better?

Overhook an arm, or overhook both arms. Or, use one to hand to control your opponents bicep, with the other overhooking the other arm. Place your head on your opponents shoulder, tucking it in, on the side that overhook is on.

think reverse mma

you want to seek double overhooks in boxing, but unlike the salto overhooks, where you seek a high pinch and sag out for space, you want to have your hooks slid down his body to pin his elbows to his sides.

Thanks, but I'm not really worried so much about GRIPS. I'm worried about getting HIT while entering :) I was asking for tips regarding THAT.