How to concentrate at 100 MPH?

I hope the thread title didnt falsely attract race enthusiasts... my question is about MMA.

I've had one fight. I lost it. I've posted here about what I could perhaps do to enhance from the last time. The main thing was that the match felt like a dream to me. I lacked concentration, and things didn't feel quite right.

Can anyone suggest any resources or exercises to me to help me make it just like practice but faster =) .

I'm very confident in my abilities, athleticism, and straight out toughness, I just get too hyper in competition (was good in rugby, ha).

Any help greatly appreciated.


Have you checked out the video, "Competition Coaching Session"?

The discussion on side 1 of Cerebral Self-Defense regarding reframing your interpretation of the adrenaline dump positively, is an important idea. Look into that.

Also, during your warmup, begin to deepen and slow your breathing. This was fed to me as a posthypnotic suggestion in a class demonstration by my professor, and it worked great.

In addition to Tony's material, you might check out the book "Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals" by Brian Enos. I recognize the book is about shooting (at 100 MPH), but the mental aspect is the same. This book positively improved my shooting, as did Tony's performance enhancement material. I think it would work the other way, too.

Thanks guys...two videos of ours that would also help are the
MMA, both show force on force training evolutoins that will
help you replicate your confrontation.

in fact when Phil won the UCC title, he prepared for the fight
without conventional sparring and used the BMF model to
train as well as straight anaerobic training and a special
strength routine designed by Tom Campbell.

Check those tapes out if youre serious about exploring some
out of the box methods.

Good luck,