How to convert .ifo file to .wmv?

I recorded a few videos with a Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD92) that records on the small dvd's.  I transfered it to my computer, but it's an .ifo file (WinDVD).  I'm trying to find out how to convert it to a .wmv file (Windows media) so I can post it on the interweb.

It lets me play it off of the DVD in Windows Meia, but it won't play it off of my computer as an .ifo file.  Windows Movie maker says it doesn't support that type of file.

Thanx for any help.

How's it going Elmo?

I don't have an answer for your problem but you could try this:

Capture the footage via a video editor (you might have something like MovieMaker on your system - might have even gotten some free software with the camera) as an .avi. Call me if you need more help - 719-660-3340.

Yeah, I tried that.  It said it doesn't support that type file.  I'm just gonna bring it somewhere.  Thanx though.  That's actually what i was gonna talk to you about a while back.  Once I get some more videos of me spanking Cobras, Mustangs, Camaros, etc... I wanna see about getting a highlight video made.  I'll let you know when I've got enough material.

It should work.? Send the video out to the computer via firewire (assuming the camera has firewire out). If you were just trying to import that original file into an editor, I'm sure it would tell you that it's unsupported. Try capturing as dv/avi.

I'll try that.

Apparently this camera doesn't come with any connection to download straight to a computer; just a connection for a/v cables.  Best Buy has something you can plug those into and it has a usb on the other end so I'm gonna try that and see what happens.

I forgot to mention that your computer will have to have a video capture card, hopefully it does. Let me know how it goes.