How to create, edit and add soundtrack to...

a simple youtube vid? Can I record with an Iphone? How do I keep file size down? What software do I edit with? Is the software free, and how to add music to it? I'm a total newb to this, so if anyone can walk me through it step by step I'd GREATLY appreciate it!!! THANKS!

Download YouTube vid using keepvid.

Import into windows movie maker.

Add music to timeline to correspond to vid.

Publish vid.

Profit. Phone Post 3.0

There are tons of websites and apps that let you download youtube content - all free.

Some will save them in their native format which is .flv. Others will convert them to something like .mp4 or .mpg - you will want to use one of those. Or use a converter like handbrake or winff - free.

Then windows movie maker (that comes with windows since 98 or xp) should let you edit it. The program will not edit .flv files though.

my mistake... I want to CREATE the vid from scratch, not take an existing youtube vid.... I had a few toooo many tonight lol! Thanks.

ohhh, and I'm on a MAC if that matters???

theBEAToff - ohhh, and I'm on a MAC if that matters???
On a Mac ivideo will do the same thing.

Take the tutorial and learn to use the timeline and transitions and you will be on your way. Phone Post 3.0

thanks so much Nitecrawler!!!

YouTube has a feature now where you can add any song to a video that you upload. So all you need to do if shoot the video on your phone and upload directly to YouTube. Phone Post 3.0

Use iMovie brosef.