How to deal with a heckler, part 2

That was a bit much.I usually just ask a heckler to send his requests to the stage written on a $20 bill.

 If I'm on stage and someone steps up with me thinking they are starting a physical confrontation, I would feed them my guitar also. That was excellent timing and technique. However, he did seem to invite the guy to come forward, if he was offering to kick the guys ass, well, then the guy was stupid. If he was saying something else and ambushed the guy, then he's the asshole.

The stage belongs to the band. Violate that fourth wall at your peril.


PS I like the El Kabong-like tone the guitar produces on contact. BAWHANG!

Hey,it worked for Sid Vicious in Texas.

that's why i have a LP Studio! that shit will kill you!

 Early in my guitar repair career, a guy brought me a Fender P-bass,1970's,blonde finish. The body was split in half from the neckplate to the bridge,those parts being the only things holding it together. In addition, the second fret had been pulled  unceremoniously  out of the fretboard.

He ahd been playing at a small club when, much to his dismay, he saw that the poor fool losing the fight right in front of the stage was his good friend. He ended the song they were playing with a Pete Townsend-like executioners ax swing of his bass, deciding last minute that the edge might kill, but the flat back would hurt. As it happened, he struck the guy about the head and shoulders a good lick, sufficent impact to cause his hand to TEAR THE SECOND FRET FROM THE GUITAR! To this day I don't really believe this, as I have de-fretted many an old Fender and know that it is usually like pulling lion teeth.

I glued the body back together and replaced the second fret. Apparently no charges were pressed because he picked it up promptly. ;)

If it were a 70'S Music Man,the fret never would have popped out cuz Leo Fender was in control of the sichiashun.

it didnt go well for marty balin (sp?)

Majic Sam - If it were a 70'S Music Man,the fret never would have popped out cuz Leo Fender was in control of the sichiashun.



 If it were a 70s Music Man I believe I never would have seen it. It would be evidence in a homicide trial. It would have been enough tougher that the man would have been hammered into oblivion. Reset the intonation and you're good to go.