How to defend this guard pass?

How to defend this guard pass? I want to regain guard.

Any instructionals that shows how to defend against common/popular guard passes?

Thanks for your time/help.

Two arms againts one and go for triangle. If they are not checking your leg with thier knee. also try to break thier posture with the leg they are going under for triangle.I some times hip escape before they can control my hips and play open guard if they get an arm under and stop me from going directly to triangle by checking the other leg. If they are holding my leg without putting thier knee on it I can usually post on that leg and shrimp, only if they don't have control of my hips yet.

Hope this helps

Well there are many variations, I give you one:
Pull the arm in that holds down your knee either from the wrist or crank at the elbow. As soon as it comes in slap on a triangle. Guardpassmya$$.

Michael Jen (same guy as in that link) covers a defense against that pass (which is shown on his Ultimate Guard Passing DVD), on his Ultimate Guard 2: Intermediate Open Guard DVD which I've found very helpful.

"Two arms againts one"

Two arms against which arm? Opponent's right arm or left arm? Which side is he passing?

Against his left arm in the pic (i.e. the arm that's pinning the knee down). As a general rule, you should not let the guy passing control your knee like that.

OK. In no Gi don't allow him to get control of your head. As he goes under your leg, straighten your body out and lift your hip, so he cannot reach your head. Then control the wrist on the same side as he is going under. Take your left leg (Like the pic) and make a hook with your foot and hook his thigh on his right side. keep control of his wrist and lift with your hook. He will have to post with his left arm or leg to stop from being swept. Block his leg or kick his knee out and use your right arm to stop him from posting with his left and take mount with one arm in. From there you have lots of nasty subs.

I hope you can visualise what I am trying to show.

Mad hip escapes before he gets control of your head or hip to regain guard. You are going to have to create space to get guard. He whats to make you do the splits and crush you with that pass. From his prospective he wants you to be so pressed that you have no choice but to get passed. I suggest getting good at that pass so you understand what elements you need to make it work or not. If you know how to make the pass work you should know how to dismantle it from the other prospective.

Which side is he passing? He could either side depending on you reaction and what he favors. Don't let him pin you knee.


How to defend a similar guard pass where he has double unders and stacks(leg on shoulder) me?

thats the lamest pass in history

there's shit loads of ways to defend -

the easiest is hip escape away from him and circle your leg over his head - like you do in the circle you legs drill