How to develop winning mindset


Thanks Randy.....awesome thread Bro!

Good stuff. Thanks Randy.

"Scientists suggest that the human brain is naturally "wired" to be negative." Interesting

Wow that's a negative

"Some athletes say that if you have never lost, you are not competing against the best people."
Fedor doesnt think so, lol."

Fedor isn't competing against the best people either, so his opinion doesn't matter.

Kostakio, Brad, LBergeron, Jetster, Swamp Rocker:

Thank you all very much for your positive comments and encouragement.

I was initially worried about the FRAT-ishness of the post, but I feel much better knowing that some people found it to be interesting or helpful.

Feel free to check out the other free articles on the  Combat Sport Psychology site.  I'm not selling services, just trying to share information.

Thanks again UG.


i bet getting ktfo in 40 seconds to a huge underdog isn't high on the list!

dont worry about FRAT anything Randy....we love your posts & if the dum dums dont read your insights...well then not too much more we can help them


Thanks allfighter - RB