How to ditch your stash when pulled over

Unless he plain clothes and/or I'm blind, I don't see a duty rig or patrol jacket. His jacket clearly hands past his waist, which no patrol jacket does on the outside of a rig. Phone Post 3.0

Gotta be fake. Phone Post 3.0

Nitecrawler - Gotta be fake. Phone Post 3.0

But it says "ACTUAL POLICE FOOTAGE"  and has a timestamp right on the video.  You can't fake that, it has to be real.

Oh man shiver me timbers that was great. Phone Post 3.0

Jack Carter -
VU thanks. Guess the trick is to get the YouTube version Phone Post 3.0



Do you think he got away with it?

shatefak - Holy shit at the cop! He's shooting at baloons?!

The cops in usa are complete retards, LOL! Jesus christ! That is CRAZY!

Do non USA countries not know about fake videos?

That is CRAZY! Phone Post

Lux Fixxins - Fake Phone Post 3.0
It clearly says "actual police footage at the bottom"

You can't lie on the internet.... Phone Post 3.0

In for the eventual "I found a bag of weed attached to a balloon" thread.