There were many signatures on here before I started my own obnoxious tagging. I would be happy to share the easiest way I've found to expedite the procedure.-----------------------------------------------------DO THIS PART ONCE1.OPEN notepad or similiar low level typing program.2a.( optional step : WIN some belts or championships :)2b. TYPE in your Signature, even with HTML tags.3. SAVE the file to your desktop. I named my notepad file "tag"4. LEAVE this file open and minimized when you are posting.-----------------------------------------------------DO THIS PART TO USE YOUR SIGNATURE EACH TIME1. CLICK on your file2. SELECT all (highlight) of your typing from your right click menu3. COPY from your right click menu or ctrl + C4. PASTE from your right click menu into your post or ctrl + V------------------------------------------------------Piece of cake. 4 clicks once it is set up.See you on the mat,Eddy Rolon ¬ (formerly screen name nhbnj) 1999 NAGA Intermediate Super Heavyweight Champion & 2000 Fighter of the Year2000 ISFA Northeast Regional Shootfighting Superheavyweight Champion & Heavyweight ChampionA 2000 IFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion2001 IFC Battleground Heavyweight & Check out my sponsor for some great products Xtreme Fightwear

you are da man! as i had guessed.


Eddy is the man... and that is why he can take the (friendly) abuse given to him here.

Is it me or does Eddy Rock????

Thanks Eddy for taking the time to post the info. For the record, I'm upset with you and myself, Brian Cimins, and everyone else for not realizing it was you that was reffing, and it was you who was helping pack up the mats after the GQ. I wanted to shake the hand of the legend.

Until next time,


Please do NOT add a signature like Eddy Rolon. Not because it makes me nauseous, but because there can ONLY be ONE Eddy Rolon signature!

probably just have something set up in your word processor and copy it into each post.

or maybe Eddy Rolon will tell us his secret?


Good question...

How do you create a signature for your posts??

Eddy Rocks!