how to download google play app store so I can get


I tried downloading an app so I can create a app store on google so that I can download instagram.

I can't seem to do this. I have windows 7 and using Internet Exporer. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

It takes me to sevral things. First I need to install Google app store. But to do that I have to get an app so I can create a "white Bag" icon. But I am now lost on what to do next.
I am on my PC and I get this message when trying to download a white bag (App store) so I CAn download Instagram.

"You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app on your device with this email account"

I have been wanting to get on Instagram for a while now . Is there anything I can do besides taking my computer to a repair place like Geek squad and have then install it?

Can't believe how fricking hard it is to get Instagram

that all sounds so insane

its probably why i dont have a smart phone

What????? Instagram is for phones not computers. Plus just go to to view it on a computer. I'm assuming you just open the play store on your phone then search Instagram Phone Post 3.0

I'm confuse you want to install a Android app on your Windows 7 computer? Phone Post 3.0

Im confused what device you want to view instagram on. If its an android, just go to and search for instagram apk. Apk is the file ext. for the android. Phone Post

I am trying to download Instagram on my home personal computer.

colubrid1 - I am trying to download Instagram on my home personal computer.
There is no Instagram app for a PC lmao! It's a mobile app available on mobile devices. No such app is available go download. Just go to and your good dog lol. Phone Post 3.0

that did turn out a bit humorous

Damn I think we got trolled. Phone Post 3.0