How to encourage fighters to fight

I think fighter pay should be somewhat based on how a fighter wins, not just if a fighter wins. A guy can get a huge win bonus (usually double his base pay) by fighting like crap and winning by shady decision. Or, he can not get the bonus even though he fought like Rocky Balboa and lost by shady decision. This just incentivizes winning at all costs instead of putting on a good performance.

One option might be to give the bonus if the fighter wins by anything other than decision, or if he put on a notable performance (at Dana's discretion). I know they have "of the night" bonuses, but it doesn't work the same way because each of those usually only goes to one fighter.

In Japan, the combat sports culture dictates that whether you win or lose doesn't matter nearly as much as the warrior spirit with which you fought. In the US, it's pretty much the inverse, and it shows. The only way for this to change is to put the proper incentives in place.

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I think guys should be able to fight however they want.

It's pretty simple. Punish stalling. Don't award victories for stalling and making it boring, e.g. yellow cards. Stalling if you're hurt is fine. It's not fine if it's your strategy to run out the clock by holding a guy against the cage. Phone Post 3.0

The effectiveness of the yellow cards were very apparent but I'm against anything that involves money being taken from the fighters. I think the current system is fine, POTN allow for an incentive enough without forcing a change in the way that the fighter fights. Phone Post 3.0

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Decrease the fear of being cut if they lose one or two fights.