How to escape guillotine on knees?

I am new to jiu jitsu and have seen several guillotine choke escapes but each have the person being choked standing up with hips underneath them. Can someone explain the counter if instead your torso is perpendicular to your hips in a bent over position and the opponent is so strong his pressure doesn't allow you to get your hips back underneath you? With someone much heavier and stronger than you is it possible to pull guard or would opponent simply hang on leaving you sitting on your backside with him standing, still holding the guillotine?

Also, what if you try to pull guard and the guy ends up mounting you and had the guillotine? At this point its almost a crucifix hold and very dangerous! How to prevent this and if he gets it how would you counter?

Thank you everyone

This is one idea. I am sure there are others.
1. Protect your neck with monkey paw grips giving you space. (bring your elbows into your ribs instead of just pulling down). Tuck your chin and shrug your shoulders up.

If he still is trying to choke you do the following:

  1. Release grip with off hand (the one away from the side your head is on). And throw your arm over his shoulder connecting your torso to his to prevent him from cranking your neck.

  2. Drive into him and to the opposite side from your head gaining side control. You may have to release your
    second hand from his arm and post it against his leg to keep him from turning with you. (shouldn't be a problem if your chin is tucked now)

4.You have side control now. Place your chin against his rib so that he hurts himself if he squeezes. Now take the arm from over his shoulder and put four fingers into the back of his armpit across from you wraping your hand behind his shoulder and press your forearm across his throat. Make him look away from your head if you can with your forearm.

5.Stretch your legs straight out behind you and crunch pulling him onto his side.

  1. Drop your hip closest to his head as you press down on his throat and press forward looking up with your head to break his grip. (don't strain your neck to do this. Work on the angle pushing your head up and forward until you get the right angle. It will come to you.

  2. As his grip breaks keep his arm trapped behind your head and circle over him toward his feet and around into side mount. Secure his arm above the elbow with
    the same arm you had on his throat.

8.Finish him with an armbar of the arm you trapped.
I am sure your instructor will show you the armbar from side mount.

Once you are in step 4 above, be sure to maintain pressure on him through the rest ov the movements.

gaittec, thank you sir. The only problem is that in the bent over position I wouldn't be able to throw my arm over his shoulder as I'm too far away and couldn't reach him. Great explanation on that technique though.

Guess I'd have to see what you are asking about because
driving into the guy instead of pulling away should put
you in position. If he pulls guard to finish,
there are a few other steps that will end up in the same senario.

Maybe he is on top of your head with his body. Is that the problem?

yes and opponent bigger and stronger so able to keep me at bay!

1.Protect your neck with both hands as above. Remember that if you get the grips in and bring your elbows in tight to your ribs, he would have to be superman to choke you.
2.Turn your head away from the choke.
3.If possible, angle your body so you can slide one hand inside the choke and build a frame with one forearm supported by the other hand gripping your own wrist.
4.He will soon realize he has nothing and try to take your back or reposition. Be ready to move into a basic escape before he completes the transition into another position. (i.e. back escape, turtle escape, pull guard etc.

If he stands up with you still bent over, block his knees with both hands and roll back throwing him over you.

Make sure you keep a good base through this or he will flatten you out on the mat and take your back.

Now for the answer you really need. Avoid the situation by pulling guard,etc. before it's too late. Think about how you are ending up in this position and modify your previous reactions/actions. Figure out how he is breaking you down and don't give it to him in the first place. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

I don't have time to write all the details now, but seems like you want to 'shoulder out' it. Post a foot then sit through it.