how to fight a butterbean type person??

ive always wondered, for an avg sized guy 5' 9" 160 lbs like myself, what would be the strategy for fighting the butterbean body type? big fat guy, 5 10 330, more or less all fat but strength as a result of it, can pretty much eat any punch i throw, probably even my face stomps. more or less his strategy is to swing with his bigass hands and ko ppl pretty easy and eat anything thrown at him.
so wut exactly would be the plan against someone of this type? take him down (if so wut would work? it seems a double leg would be difficult, same with judo), gnp, stick and move, go for submissions?

btw im jw lol im not about to fight anyone and need help quick lol but ive always wondered bc i have a friend just like that and he always wins every fight bc hes got deceptively fast hands and eats anything thrown at him like its his 5th big mac

gunshot to the head always works, imo

Ew0k187 - gunshot to the head always works, imo


 kick to the balls, headbutt, gouge out his eyes...

Stick and move, take him to deep waters. No way he'll be able to keep up with you cardio wise.

For me I am 6ft 330. I would fight you by putting you on your back then pound you out. Not stand up and to swing with my bigass hands for a KO


Stay on the outside and throw legkicks.  Make him chase you around, tire him out.

shoot low to pull pants down around ankle

when he falls over take a pic

make OG "just got into a fight" thread

ask Pat Smith, he destroyed Bean in the Yamma

Ask him if he wants to go camping.

Then punch him in the schnozz real hard.

good question though.....

My answer to everything is to choke,

however, sadly there are a shit ton of dudes with no necks and too much fat on their thighs for a proper kick to the nuts.

You could punch him in his big gut for starters. Right in the solar plexus (sic). He won't be expecting that and it's a big target.

Punch him in the gut.

bounce off the rope to increase your velocity and throw a drop kick

Stay out of his reach and come in with a straight down the pipe when the time is right then right back out to the outside... Repeat if necesarry. If you rock him... finish with combos on the feet and keep pounding em if he drops. Think keith hackney vs emmanuel yarborough... Or Vitor vs ferrozzo.

ive always figured the trip or ankle pick takedown with gnp just to set up a choke. then stomp/punch while hes unconcious. or mma wise takedown to a submission, probably a choke. but im no expert. dont fail me ug! i came here for a reason, enough with the sarcasm lol

genki sudo

 speaking of Pat Smith destroying Butterbean, does anyone have that gif where Butterbean nearly killed him with a low kick?

Monsters Ball - 1) Move to Michigan

2) Train Judo with Sensei "Spice" Rice

3) Use his weight against him and launch Butterbean out beyond Orion's Belt with a judo toss.

First step completed.

Will work on #2 soon.

 hey were in canton come on down.

Ruas came up with a good gameplan for Fujita vs. Sapp...single leg, pass standing, soccer kick. Guys beyond a certain size are often virtually immobile off their back.

LOL@Sapp going for a leglock, though.