How to find a wrestling club

How do I find a wrestling club in my area? This question has been coming up a lot lately, so I thought I would write up some basic info on how to go about finding a wrestling club in your area. Unfortunately, this info applies mostly to the U.S., so those of you from outside the U.S. may not find this as helpful. First of all, the vast majority of wrestling clubs are very informal, so they have no web presence - just a group of guys that asked a local high school if they could use their wrestling room two or three times a week. By virtue of the fact that you are on this forum (and hence, a heavy Internet user), I'm assuming that the first place you look will be a web search. Don't get discouraged if you don't find anything on the web! Having said that, I'll give you a few token web resources that may be helpful, followed by "off-line" advice that will likely yield better results. Two web directories that may be helpful:
Open Directory
Grappler's World DirectoryIf you happen to live in Northern New Jersey, you may want to check out Wrestling Plus - a commercial wrestling academy run by our very own forum members TheGrapplerHK and SHORTY: Wrestling Plus...and of course, do some searches to see what comes up. It is likely at this point that you have run out of luck in finding any specific wrestling clubs online. Next stop: USA Wrestling's website. On their website, they have a directory of state level directors with contact info. These people will probably have a list of wrestling clubs statewide, so get in touch with them and give it a try. USA Wrestling State Directors.At this point, the best thing to do (and also the one that will probably yield the best results) is to look up the phone numbers for local high schools in the area with wrestling teams (colleges with teams too, if there are any in the area!). Call several schools and ask for the wrestling coach, ask him if he knows of any wrestling clubs in the area. With any luck, one of the high school or college coaches will know of a club or two nearby. Try it. Again, this is probably your best bet to find a club. Sometimes people ask if they could work out with a high school or college team. This depends on the coach. Most high school coaches are happy to have extra bodies in the room for their guys to work out with. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right? College teams are a different matter. They will likely not even consider it if you are a beginner. If you want to work out with a Division I team, they will likely not even consider it unless you were at least a former college wrestler yourself. ...and I don't think I would recommend otherwise. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the plug Chip.

Thanks Chip. I generally just lurk around this site, but I've been using the internet to find a wrestling club in my area, and had just about given up. I'll try your suggestions.

I guess I take it for granted that I have some good info around me. If your in MN you can also check here:

That was kind and generous of you Chip! Keep up the awesome job. I am in lurk mode, but check here everytime I come on-line. You have a good attitude and are doing a fantastic job of moderating.

For those in Massachusetts here is not only the best web site for wrestling in Mass, but one of the best period! ;-)


Yep, freestyle =)

I've done judo before, but my high school didn't have wrestling (I played rugby, maybe that helps =)...

I didn't really get into judo until I started university though, so now, after a couple of years of doing judo on and off I'm on the wrestling team. Had a Sunday practice today...5-6 days a week of freestyle, I'm loving it!

Gortiz, Canadian universities wrestle freestyle, I think. Sothy, please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Sothy, is Canadian collegiate the same as Amercian, or are you guys freestyle?

The Canadians reading the forum should definitely look into contacting a university if there is one in your city. Our uni teams seem pretty open to new people competing (like me :o)


Please see the original post about non-Internet related ways to find a wrestling club. Most clubs aren't on the Internet.

Start by calling Dave Black, USA Wrestling State Director for WI, 715-425-7946. If he can't help you out, try the other methods suggested in the original post.


I checked out the site you mentioned and found a club in my area (Pit Bull wrestling in Andover) however, it doesn't have any contact info or a real schedule. You wouldn't happen to know anyone who trains there, would you (or of any other places to train in the Lowell area, for that matter)?

Thanks for the lead.


Hey, I'm telling you guys...check out the link I gave even if you don't live in Mass. It is an AWESOME web site with articles on cutting weight, training, etc. and even has a forum. It's a nice site.

Chip, I will start to de-lurk soon...!


Blackshire and Aus, thanks for the additional links!

SHORTY, no problem about the plug! It seems like you guys have a great school and are producing fantastic results!

...and what's with all the lurkers? You guys need to start posting and get this forum active! :)

I don't even know enough about wrestling to ask a dumb question, much less a good question. Your info on how to find a club will hopefully help to change that.


We even do some submissions there (Wrestling Plus).

anyone know wrestling clubs in Rhode Island?