How to find info on vietnam vets??

My soon to be father in law served in Vietnam. I need help finding out more about what he did. Where can I find the info I need?? This is about all the information that I have;

Freddie J Kelley

cob 5th bn 31st inf 197 inf bde 3d USA (what is all this? I get some of it but not all of it.)

Speciality #11B20

Thanks for any help!!
Jason King

Bravo company, 5th battalion, 31st Infantry, 197th infantry brigade, 3rd division, US Army.

Speciality Infantryman, Junior Non-Commisioned officer.


Thanks so much. Do you know where I can find out more info on tours, where they were at certain times, etc. I am trying to find as much info as possible.

Thanks again,


The unit should have a command chronology which lists where/when/what the unit was doing. It also often lists large events by name of the individual. I can't guarantee that they'd be very interested in looking back that far, but they may be willing to help.

no shame

Sorry JKING, I have no idea.