How to gain weight, pointers/guide

I thought this was pretty cool (and funny in parts,
though it's completely serious). From the government
of Manitoba, Canada:

That's for older folks though right? I don't ever remember someone telling younger people to eat dishes of prunes for breakfast.

Yeah, older people and people who have wasting trouble, like cancer and AIDS patients.

repost from another thread, but relavant:
IMHO, the best way to put on weight is to do a HIT style routine and drink lots of milk (cheap and easy calories). My own success has been cutting cardio way back and lifting once or twice a week. Squats, deadlift, dips, weighted pullups, shrugs on day 1. If you do a second day cleans and accessory work (neck, forearm, calf or whatever.) 1 set 4-6 reps to failure.

Works for me. Truth is, though it's not the weights but no cardio and milk that bumps the weight up initially.


I've recently ordered a bunch of cans of coconut milk (strained coconut pulp, not the coconut "water" that sloshes in the middle of a coconut). I'm going to start bringing a can of it to work to sip on throughout the day. Should be a really easy way to get an extra 500 calories per day (lots of fat, but it's plant fat ;).