How To Get a Body Like Adam Levine!

When the Maroon 5 star turned 40 he had a choice to make. Do I want to stay one of the sexiest men alive and become a TRT Alpha, or wither away as a Sad Old Man? The choice was clear, keep that lemur like physique!

Luckily for us he has shared his workouts! If your anything like me you’ll be borrowing some of his tips and tricks to stay Strong and Youthful even into your 40s and beyond!

Kettlebells, cardio and protein from other men’s jizz

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What da!? I was with you until the end :slight_smile: LOL

thought this was going to be a list of the shittiest tattoo artists…

I was going to say eat at least 6 loads of cum per day

He definitely doesnt look like he’s on trt, but maybe that’s just because he works out like a 40yr old woman in a pilates class.