How to Get Banned From "Dancing" in Jamaica(vid)

Aside from daggering, some of his "dance moves" includes, tearing off females’ clothes, standing on their backs, throwing them on to the ground, pulling out their weaves, beating them with various objects, knocking them unconcious, and jumping off rooftops with his dance partner. 

If you aren't familiar with the antics of Marvin The Dancer aka Marvin The Puxxy Beast, from youtube videos of him "dancing" at events in Jamaica, take a look at this madness (Highlights at 0:09 and 0:40), and more videos to follow:


This video shows him in June of 2015, grabbing his dance partner then jumps off a roof onto the bartender's tent, which resulted in the bartender suffering a broken leg (1st jump off the roof by his opponent Shelly Belly at 2:50; Marvin's jump at 3:35 ).

The lady who suffered the broken leg is the girlfriend of the DJ at the event, and was seeking $1M in damages. Here's a quote from her:
“The surgery cost $805,000, plus the other $100,000 I spent already,” she said. “Marvin [has] been getting pictures! From the incident, we don’t see him. He is aware of the situation, and Marvin not even a call me. He called the Saturday before the surgery, and mommy tell him say, ‘Marvin, her foot broke, and the surgery is $805,000’, but he told her he doesn’t have any money. He said he was gonna get [back] to us and him never get [back] to us.”

And here's what Marvin had to say about it:
"A mi brethren song did a play suh mi a sey mi a give mi brethren a forward. Me and Shelly Belly a go at it, then DJ Boom Boom start instigate a musical battle with me and Shelly Belly and two girls. Anyway, Shelly Belly climb a high place and jump off with the girl he was dancing with and the whole dance start rail up. Suh mi a try outdo Shelly Belly and decide fi climb pon a place with a girl and jump off pan a tent. The whole place tear dung, but a bartender who was under the tent got her leg fracture in the process,"

"The dancer who I jumped off the place with is all right, but the bartender a di one who get a little damage. I checked up on her and she sey she all right, it's just a little fracture leg. Mi nuh want nuh body think mi and Shelly Belly face-off a nothing serious either, a just entertainment,"
(Translation: Marvin blamed the DJ for instigated a musical battle with he and Shelly Belly)


This is the video that was the final straw that lead to The Puxxy Beast finally been banned from Dancehall events in Jamaica, and is possibly facing criminal charges:


And finally, here's a satirical movie trailor that is a compilation of some of his worst actions:


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