How to get medical records

I have been out the Marines for a year now, and the university I am attending wants proof of the measles vacine. I'm almost 100% positive that I recieved this in the service (don't they inject us with everything). I don't have any measles information on any of the medical documentation I kept, and I was wondering if anybody here knew how I got get a copy of some sort (if its possible).

If I can't get a copy--- is it a big deal to get the same vaccine again within a short amount of time? (A question for any corpsman or medics that might be in here)

History Nerd

You can not get the one shot alone anymore. You will have to get the complete MMR shot. It is no big deal to get it again. Pay the $50 to get it, it will be easier than trying to get your record!

what TR said...$50 one time versus several months of red tape...(do shots really cost that much on the outside? Day-um!)

If you have insurance, it is cheaper. If not, look to pay about $365 for a MMR. Best bet is to goto your local health clinic...the ones that offer free service for the poor or illegals. They will only charge you about 40 bucks

I called the health services on campus and its only 48 bucks. So I'll guess I'll just do that. Thanks for your help guys.