How to get paid out of state rates?

The company that I work for is merging with another company and moving their headquarters to a new state with a higher cost of living.

When I interview for my job what's the best way to get paid the higher city rate while not relocating?

I don't get it. Do you mean like pretending to relocate, then not?

Adjust pay off location is what some of those people do for a living. I doubt you'll pull a fast one on those penny pinchers unless there is a weird bureaucratic rule which lumps you all together.

Maybe relocate to higher cost city, then back to lower and if they try and drop your pay threaten to leave...

So I have told them that I'm not going to relocate . The way that things should work out is that the Level1/2 people are going to be in So Cal me and the other level 3 guy are going to be in Utah. I don't want some L1/2 guy in So Call to make more than me just because of where he lives.

So what's the best way to get paid at the So Cal Level? Why staying in Utah

you might try not fucking the company you work for and not lying which would immediately cost you your job if and when you're caught.

who are you expecting to help you lie? Worry about your own rate and not what other people make.

Find another job in Utah paying more?

Kind of an odd question.  You MAY be able to neg for more money since your info is vaulable but you may also not have a job in 6 months after the Bobs come in and start Bobbing.  Imho - start looking for a new job now.  To say "merging" and the HQ is moving sounds like the company that it is merging with has the balls, hence, the one that will make the larger part of decisions.

See if they'll give you the bump provided that you commute to SoCal 25% of the time? A work week a month or maybe 2 days 3 weeks out of the month? It'll be like a little vacation several times a month, you'll get face time with the SoCal folks and the bump. Thats what I'd shoot for.

 Where do you get that I'm Fucking my company and that I'm lying to my company.

So if you do twice as much work as someone and they make 30% more because of where they live you're ok with that?

BlackJesus -  Where do you get that I'm Fucking my company and that I'm lying to my company.

So if you do twice as much work as someone and they make 30% more because of where they live you're ok with that?

 Cost of living is cost of living - It isn't a matter of being okay with it or not, its just a fact of life.  There are other factors that come into play with that, it could be a lot harder to find talent in a certain area - hence a higher salary.  The state taxes could also offset what they make extra.  I think you are getting yourself too upset over nothing, personally.  There are good reasons why people should not know each other's pay rates and you are making a good case point in why.

Hell, I'm making 3x more than the average network engineer right now for doing the work of a network admin in Saudi Arabia doing 10% of the work people would do during the workday.

I'm not trying to be a dick but I'm one of the more vocal people against people who complain about their salary and are not willing to move.


 Don't sound like a dick just you point of view..

How do you like Saudi Arabia?

Bored - I'm not cohesive with military folks so meh.

I've been working out like a madman, stay and do my own thing and I'm just waiting to get home but I have hit Dubai up, gonna hit Baharain, Jeddah up and a little 10-day trip during Ramadan to Ibiza/London/Amsterdam to keep me sane. until Oct 18.

That's one thing I should have added. Don't get fixated on a dollar figure. 100k in the bay area for a single means you're in a 1 bedroom rental, drive a decent car and can save a little. 100k in Vegas means you can buy a 2k sq ft house, drive an M3 and save/invest over a G a month while partying 3 times a week.

Lifestyle, not $ figure.