How to get rank

How can someone get ranked (Not fighting rank, belt type rank) in kickboxing. I have heard of a few guys with blackbelts but not many?

You have to bera in mind that not all kickboxing programs are alike. Each type of kickboxing program has its own ranking system.

Karate-based Kickboxing tends to use a belt system. But there are many different types of kickboxing styles....

Muay Thai

San Shou/San Da



American (Full Contact) Kickboxing



The ones listed above are only some of the more recognizeable styles. So it depends on which style you're referring to.

In the style of Kickboxing that I train and teach (Muay Thai), there are no "official" ranks. You are ranked based simply upon your ring experience. What is your ring record? Who have you fought? Who have you beaten? Do you have a title? That's really about all that universally carries over from gym-to-gym. But for non-fighters, many Muay Thai gyms have implemented some form of ranking system, but it varies from gym-to-gym.

Khun Kao

The Belt is in the Ring

Rank IS NOT Important!