How to get shown the door on the UG


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hey shane, why dont you spend your time training for a fight instead of worrying about keyboard warriors, you lost to a wwe wrestler with 3 fights and hardly any mma experience, train to win a fight instead of flexing your muscle with computer geeks, you fighters are all the same, when you see something you dont like you call everyone cowards and say you will kick there ass. good for you. go win a fight!!!!!


And thus was the maroon in question shown the door.


Then we received this email:

From: harrycrumb

Sent: 10-Jul-12 09:45 AM

Subject: Re: Mixed martial arts sign up status

why do you keep deleting my threads, the thread i started today was fine, why would you remove it and log me out, everytime there is a thread about the ufc or anything related to it you guys remove it, it happens to everyone not just me, what is this, the ufc have that much control over you guys or is it dana you are trying to please, seems like everyone in this sport is afraid of dana and the ufc of being blackballed, i will start my own site and make sure i gather everyone that has this problem on your ug and devote a section to this issue. have some balls and let people talk about what they want and not just what you guys think is ok or what dana lets you put.


You can't make stuff like this up. It is almost as funny as the OG. 

Boom Phone Post

First<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />amidoinitrite?<br /><br /><br /><br />jk

second :(


Whoa, fix the editor please. Thanks.


And that's the way it's done.


I didn't know you got Emails ;)


Disrespect the fighters and you are history.

There a lot of people in here who should pay attention Phone Post

I get why this guy gets banned... But why can't i hate on Dana! He's not a fighter.... But guess i learnt my lesson, still hate him though. Phone Post

Shane vs Harrycrumb at UFC 152.......and go! Phone Post

L, O, L, a, t, t, h, a, t.

 nice to see a crackdown on the blatant fighter bashing....

please do this more Kirik, so pro's don't avoid the place

Thanks for this thread. I believe we all need a reminder of just who's in charge every now and then. I'd just like to point out that I could be a much bigger dick than I am on this site, but I have a healthy fear of Kirik's banhammer. As it should be.

Good riddance... One less douchey poster to see. Phone Post

Ha! Phone Post

 I so want to the the subject of a Kirik thread, but don't want to be banished. What do?

Good riddance. He was saying all kinds of silly stuff yesterday. Phone Post

And it was thus that the UG's arch nemesis was born!

jasonhightower - Good riddance... One less douchey poster to see. Phone Post

Yup Phone Post