How to get started promoting

Hi folks

I'm looking for advice.

How do I get started promoting MMA fights in Ohio?


Talk to gzbull.


First step is to get your license from the Ohio Athletic Commission...which can be somewhat difficult.

Then, if you don't have any experience promoting MMA events, I would suggest trying to find some people that you are willing to work with to help you promote such an event.

Here in Ohio, there are only about 5 people that I would say understand how the two sides of MMA (Sport & Business) works.


I'm interested in learning more. Should we take it to private email?



honestly, it would be too much typing. I would rather just talk about it.

I will be available this evening. email me your contact info and I will give you a call.

My name is Dustin Ware.


What about in the case of Indiana, where the Boxing Commision has no control over MMA?