How to get the smell out of gloves

Man, my gloves stink. I'm afraid to use lysol or febreeze or anything like that in them - I don't want to compromise the leather. Any tips?

I have always heard lysol will ruin the liner.. you can get a deorderizer from Title or ringside.. Be sure to let the gloves air out after each use it will help keep them from getting that way.. also you can take a sock and fill it with cedar and insert into the glove while not in use, it will absorb some of the moisture..

If the odor is from the inside, try buying some cedar balls, throw them in an old sock, and then put the socks into your gloves when you're not using them.

Where can I get some cedar balls? And will that eliminate the bacteria and shit that's causing the odors?
What about like, baking soda or some shit like that? Are those "glove-dog" things worth the money?

Most big dept stores (Target, etc) usually have them. The same cedar balls used to keep moths out of your closets. Glove dogs are basically what I described making to you.

I use Gold Bond poweder -- just pour some inside.

"Where can I get some cedar balls? "

Go out into the woods and rub your nuts on a tree

"So, what do about these splinters now? "

A real man just learns to live with them

Place a bunch of Tea bags inside when you're done training. Just whatever is in your cupboard.

I stick oder eater shoe inserts inside. They have these ones that don't look like insoles, but rather little baggies. Cheaper than the glove dogs and I bet they're the same thing.

What section would I find cedar balls in at target? haha.. I was just there for like, 20 minutes and I didn't see any. I had no idea where to look.

It'd be with the closet stuff. Try Bed Bath and Beyond if you can't find 'em at Target

A cheaper way to do it is just stick a few dryer sheets in there.