How to get UFC items authenticated

Several years ago, I was a clinician at a wrestling camp where Matt Hughes and his brother also taught. Matt was a multi time champ by that time. I think it was about 2008 or 2009 but am not sure. He signed a set of UFC gloves for me but I have no provenance. Black gloves signed in silver. Does anyone know where I could send them to be authenticated? Thanks guys.

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Whats the reason to have them authenticated? If its just to sell them sometimes its not worth paying the extra $ because you won’t make that much more in return. Gloves signed by Matt/authenticated by JSA have been going for 30-40 recently looking at eBay sold items. Im guessing these are cheaper gloves than the ones you have though

Do you have a pic of the gloves?

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Sean McCorkle could review them


I’ll pull them out later and post a pic. I wanted a COA so I could donate them as one of the door prizes at a wrestling tournament.

Send them to me. I’ll take care of it for a nominal service fee.