How to hack your brain

5 ways:


 Interesting. Have you or anyone you know tried this?

  1. Train to be a mentat from a young age
    2. Learn Weirding way from mother
    3. Get tested with gom jabbar
    4. Saturate diet with the spice melange
    5. Drink the water of life


 good read.

Will try the hallucination one and report back

shrooms, marijuana, and other smokable herbs such as skullcap, damiana, sage... Phone Post

brb. going to walmart for ping pong balls and a red light bulb.

Missing Glove Tape - brb. going to walmart for ping pong balls and a red light bulb.

Yes!!! I wont be able to try this till I get back to the states.

NeoSpartan - Will try the hallucination one and report back

Cant wait

3 is pretty much common sense. I don't think there is anybody that can dream about something specific on demand. But right before you fall asleep start thinking about something, and they say that the last thing your brain is thinking about is what you will see in your sleep.

I've done it several times before and it is a trip when you wake up. Doesn't always work because most nights you don't have dreams or if you do you just don't remember them.

I suppose writing it down would help, give like a detailed description of what you want to happen and right before you go to sleep read it over a few times and that will be the last stuff inserted into your brain before you sleep.



something tells me this is going to be an incredible thread. hopefully the drugless hallucinating will deliver.

These all seem like wastes of time. I'd rather learn how to perform massive calculations in my head, think quickly, or precisely memorize stuff.


more investigation is required


Figure out a way to convert binary into electrochemical impulses, and not only will you be able to hack into someones brain, but you could download information into your brain as well, instead of reading/learning it.

edit: if you figure out how to do this, youll probably go down as one of the most famous individuals of all time, since you would basically change civilization.