How to handle a headbutt??

If you guys have time, I'd like you to watch this clip and give an opinion.

Female fight, one of our 140 pound girls against a bigger girl with a very good wrestling pedigree.  This is early in round one.

Is the headbutt as bad as I think it looks or am I biased? (both a very good possibility).  The headbutt looked clean to me and hit her flush.  Coleman would have been proud.

The problem is after the headbutt was hit, the ref took a point from the other girl and then between rounds wanted to give our girl up to 5 minutes to recover.  The problem is that by that point, both of her eyes were already swollen shut from the headbutt.  The girl wanted to continue then ended up fighting blind and getting taken down at will and laid on for the rest of the fight.  My thoughts are that since we were told that "This is your one warning" about headbutts in the fighters meeting that this would be a NC or a DQ.

FYI-  The promoter has been awesome about dealing with this.  I'm looking more for opinions than anything else.  You might want to watch this on mute since one of the commentators will make you want to scratch your eyes out.

if the 1 warning was pre-fight, that should have been a DQ fo sho

Haven't watched the video. But the thought of female fighters doing NHB and headbutting eachother is more offensive to me than Felony Fights.

thats hot


I've got to learn how to embed videos, so I can be some sort of a helpful internet gnome.

Oh, and I watched it. Blatant and DQ material IMO.

Should've been a dq, in my opinion. I also can't believe the ref wanted her to turn around and get back in the fight right away with no time to recover.


Nice headbutt. DQ.


if the ref was going to give her time to recover, why not right when the blatant headbutt happened?

Under most circumstances in any combat sport, an intentional illegal maneuver doesn't lead to DQ unless it ends the fight. I say 1pt deductuion is the right call.

The headbutt may have had an effect, but it didn't finish the fight. From the looks of things the big girl would win under any circumstances.

BTW, this shows why headbutts were made illegal.

They can do serious damage to any fighter on the bottom now matter how good their guard is. If headbutts were allowed MMA would be nothing more than wrestling with headbutts.


Look at the video Cory, he's standing right there...

Fight was finished, we went in the back and the night went on.  We talked about it with the promoter the next day and he told us to wait for the video.  We just got the video back today so he'll be taking a look at it.

Bison has absolutely nothing but respect for Nick Gamst, Carrie Thul (even though he's gay) and EFX.  Whatever decision they come to we will stand behind 100%.  It is a professional promotion with a skilled professional referee... Just because we don't think something is right doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong.

Bullshit should be a no contest

Blatant foul, should be a DQ.

I watched that and thought "that's not good headbutt technique" Silva had good headbutt technique in his uncalled foul against Mezger, but should that fight have been a DQ?


No way that's a DQ. In boxing guys get warnings for fouls, even intentional fouls. In grappling tourneys illegal maneuvers just lead to lost point, unless the illegal move ended the fight. In wrestling illegal moves lead to lost points.

Fouls, intentional or not, rarely call for a DQ. Only if the foul clearly ends the fight. From that vid the girl seemed composed after the headbutt. Point taken away is the correct call.

I think the problem with that is that if a fighter is allowed to do something blatant and only lose a point, then taking someone down and shutting their eyes with your head would always be the right strategy.

She was composed, but it shut her eyes, busted her nose and stopped her from seeing the rest of the fight.  Do I think it she would have won if the foul didn't take place?  Honestly, I couldn't tell you.  I would have liked to have known though...

No worries Cory