How to initiate clock choke?

To open the gi collar, do you go under the armpit or over the shoulder? Everytime I go under the armpit, I get my arm trapped and then subsequently rolled over.

you dont need to open the collar. The grip doesnt need to be that deep to finish it. It is more important that you use your hip over his shoulder and drive your head to the mat than it is to get a deep, deep grip.

Hikikomi, I make the same grip most of the time (inside the thigh). Works great.

Personally I like to set up the clock BEFORE they go to all fours.

For example in side control I take a thumb inside grip on the back of thier collar and give them enough space to shrimp out and get to all fours. My grip is already set and I can start getting my second my hand in as he turns over.

andre, if I'm clock choking with my left hand, where should my head drive down to mat in relation to his head? Left, right, above, or somewhere else?


Here is a good video showing where your head should go:

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I go under the armpit but take care not to commit the elbow, just the wrist.

If he manages to trap your elbow and roll then you need to roll ahead of him (ie don't resist but try to beat him to the roll with your knee) in order to take the back.

Anyone one use the their elbow/triceps of their non-choking arm to finish the choke?

"For example in side control I take a thumb inside grip on the back of thier collar and give them enough space to shrimp out and get to all fours. My grip is already set and I can start getting my second hand in as he turns over."

I don't know why I don't do this, this makes perfect sense. Thank you!

If you start out jolting them forward a little, then as they're trying to keep base w/their elbows on the mat, your release wrist control for a moment to tighten the collar grip. I actually try to pull them a bit diagonally forward in the direction towards me. If the shoulder that I'm putting my hip on, is on the mat it's their neck tends to open up when they fall forward.

Thanks ze andre.

filfy, I found that the reversal can still be done with just as little as the wrist.

Chson - you must be doing something wrong...I'm 130 usually giving up at least 30lbs sometimes 60+lbs and that's not an issue unless they wrap behind my elbow.

You're not keep proper weight/positioning on them...adjusting yourself to take their back or switch to the other side, roll into mount, put your shin across the back of his head to finish the choke as you both roll, etc. If he's only got your wrist, you have enough freedom for the rest of your body to move. Even if you can't finish the clock, you should be able to negotiate a dominant attacking position.

one of guys at our school really likes the elbow of the non-choking arm...I think he said that renzo was showing that way. I'm not a fan of it though. I feel like it over-commits me to the choke and makes me less able to transition to the other side or directly to back with hooks...sometimes I do like to use my shin though if the guy rolls away from me (rather than rolls forward) and for this you really want to have a grip on the guy with your other hand, so that he can't turn out of the choke as he's rolling.

If i ever reach under his far side, I make sure I am still able to clamp my elbow to his side and keep a "tug" away from the roll. You don't have to necessarily open the collar right at the neck, though if you can, its great. my 2 cents.


Chuckson is that you? Where are you training? In the garage again?

Hi Chris, congrats on your black belt and I hope all is well! I've been training at Phoenix Judo in Braintree for the past 2-3 months. My work situation changed so it's the most convenient location for me to get a workout.

I think Rob F (purple belt cop) goes there sometimes. He has friends there. Tough to get a clock choke on the guys when they go face down and protect the neck like judoka are apt to do. Check out, one of the guys has a great turnover using the neck. Glad to hear you are still training. We miss you up here.