How to jump rope better?

Whats the best way to learn how to jump rope better? I heard they are great workouts. However, I have a dislocated shoulder that has been healing and rehabbing, but I have a damaged axillary nerve so I am unable to fire the shoulder joint. I also have tears that will require surgery.

Would it still be safe to jump rope? I tried it a few times and it burns, but it feels like it is working.

I only know the basics, and it would be great to learn how to jump rope like boxers, for free if possible, or a cheap dvd or something not too expensive, since I figure I can probably just go to a gym when I am all healed up and learn it there too.

Thank you!

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"I tried it a few times and it burns, but it feels like it is working."

Just like sex, baby!!


..... I'm the only one?

Yup, practice as mentioned. Probably the easiest way to start is with both feet together. Fatigues the calves quicker, but will give you the stamina to work on other things. Try and keep the rope going, by rotationg the wrists, & keeping them closer to the body. Tendency is to move the hands out to the side. Once you feel comfortable with the 2 foot hop, then start alternating from one foot to the other.
Try and pick up some training footage from boxers training, and some MMA fighters. Some neat stuff to work with. Not sure what the hanging comment is about, but good luck with rope work!!

i learnt to skip well by skipping on one leg for 5 reps then the other for 5, then 4, then 3, then 2, 1 & back up. before i knew it my mind was elsewhere & i was makin rocky like an am with a rope. for the record, double-jumping kicks my arse...

ttt for jumprope

I've been kicking the idea around of getting a jump-rope. What is a good make?

I hear that Peter North makes good ropes, but I can't find them on the internet.

Well the classic way to learn something like jump rope, drumming, etc
with speed and coordination is practicing the paradiddle... left, right,
left, left, right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, left, right,
right, etc.... starting slow and repeating it continually at an even pace.

With patience and practice you will get good.

If you want to get really good check this site out:

Years back I bought the Aero Speed jump rope and the Magic of the
Rope VHS... the best $50 I will EVER spend on my cardio health.

Just gradually build up the time you jump rope each workout, and don't worry about being fancy. Once you can jump rope for 10 - 15 straight minutes work on increasing your RPMs.

i SUCK at jumping rope.

Dude, you are kidding right Rule Dogg!! $50 for a god damn jump rope and dvd. I went to Dunhams sporting goods here in Monroeville and got a jump rope for $2.00

nobody is worse at jumping rope than me. I am your stereotypical white guy in that I cant dance, I have no rhythm and I certainly can not jump rope. :)

yeah, jumping rope is HARD for me...everyone else always posts, "just jump for 10 min., etc."...but come on, 10 min without screwing up?!

i feel your pain...5 months of skipping for three 3 minute rounds at muay that 3 times a week and i STILL suck. i can get the damn rope around 10 times or so before i step on it...



No I'm very serious :) $50 isn't pocket change but some of us will blow
that one night at a bar or on a meal for two, etc. Sure you can get a
rope for $2 but I will work like a two-dollar rope... having the best
equipment facilitates interest, and learning technique from the best
facilitates your own ability. Again it's not for everyone, but if you're
committed to making the most of the exercise then give it try.

Just wondering, how durable is that 50 dollar jump rope? I have a leather jump rope that was about 10 dollars.

I dont really have any place to jump rope except on the rooftop, where it is all concrete and dirty too.

Could my jumprope get damaged this way? If so, I would rather just get a cheaper one so it is easier to replace.

Also, is jump roping bad for my joints? Especially since Im doing it on concrete since I have no carpets where I live.

I already have knee and joint problems, so dont want to agitate it either.


I thought this thread was done for lol

I've had my Buddy Lee jump rope for over three years and still works
fine, the turning mechanics are still flawless. From time to time I use
to jump with it on concrete and aside from getting a little scratch the
rope's held up fine. I did use a leather one way back in the day but the
rope got deformed easily and didn't turn that well anyway... funny I
think it was actually an Everlast rope... so in comparison the Buddy Lee
rope would be like Reyes. FYI the rope itself is not
$50... I think it's $30 and the video and shipping account for the rest...

I would NOT recommend serious jumping on concrete though, not
good for your knees in the long run and especially not good if you've
already had
problems. Any surface that gives like a hardwood floor, thinly-
carpeted surface, or even bare ground will work just fine, though a
rolling/wrestling mat barefooted might be best as you progress, as a
mat will further develop your balance, coordination, Type I fibers, etc

O yeah don't judge your success so much by how many times you can
turn in a row... what truly matters to your body is your work rate.

When learning it's best to practice steadily --as you WILL improve --
but even now, every time I jump I fuck up because I'm trying to
challenge myself. Plus I have to mix it up or I'll get bored ;)

"Jumping rope, you can either do it or not"
Very untrue.

Take your height into consideration too. If you're having difficulty, it may be that you're using a rope that is too short/long for you.