How to JumpStart a 95 Nissan Maxima

My beeper to unlock my car fell off my keychain. Opening the car with my key sounds the alarm, and when I put the key in it won't turn over like the battery is dead. I won't have somebody come bring me my keychain until tomorrow; so I was hoping for some good luck from the OG how I can start it as is. YouTube didn't turn up much.

laziest car thief ever

Uh, so you steal cars but don't know how to jump one? If you aren't some smoking hot female car theif I am going to be upset. 

10mm wrench.  Disconnect the battery. Wait 2 minutes.  Connect it again.

and for clarification, this isn't what you call "jump starting".

Setting the alarm off might cut the ignition. Phone Post 3.0

Alco Hauler - 

and for clarification, this isn't what you call "jump starting".

lol! This is more like "bypassing security system" starting.

You would need to know your exact alarm part #. Do some research on the schematics. Figure out how the starter disable works. Then bypass it. Of course its prob all done behind the dashboard. Oh and you should be pretty good troubleshooting and understanding electrical and electronic circuits to pull this off. Its doable of course. Happen to of done it on a 95 Nissan as well......240sx tho. Phone Post 3.0