How to keep food warm until lunch?

I work at a cemetery, and there's no microwave in the rec room. Was just wondering if there were any practical alternatives to a thermos. Thanks.

Amazon. Search "Hot logic mini". And if no power to plug into buy a 150 watt fanless inverter for your car. Plug it up 1 hour before lunch and your good to go.

Best way I have found.

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You work in cemetery? Come on, tell us some cool cemetery stories about ghosts, weird shit, banging fresh corpses etc.

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Your cooler can also be used to keep stuff warm too. Instead of using ice too keep items cold, heat a brick or a paving stone in the oven, then wrap it in a towel and put it in the cooler with warm food to keep it warm.

You can also keep soups hot by keeping it in a vacuum walled coffee thermos.

if you preheat your thermos with boiling water it will stay hot until lunch unless you are doing 18 hr shifts.

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Putting it in your butthole helps.

There is still a great deal of biological activity occurring with decomposing bodies. That biological activity generates energy, heat, through friction. Stash your bag lunch in the gut of a client.



look it up.

Buy a $25 microwave?

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look it up.


Sit on it

go out to eat that sounds like a gross place to eat. Keep a sandwich double wrapped in seran and go back to your car to eat.

an iron tin or one of those air tight plastic containers would be nice, too but anything but heating shit up in a death factory.

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look it up.



Its prettya awesome. It'll keep your lunch warm. If you don't want to spend as much, Tiger is a slightly cheaper, not as reputable brand as the zoji's.

There's some cool camping stove setups. I've seen contractors use em on job sites


Leftovers in Tupperware. Set on dash in sunlight.