How to kill small business...NYC edition

The majority of businesses will take no more than a passing glance at these cards, if that. Just print on off the internet.

Just one dose? They’re not going to require people be fully vaccinated? Do they WANT to spread covid? Damn your freedom!

I keep going back and forth too…I still lean towards backfire

But back to OP…so they don’t even care about negative tests now?

Phil Hartman Yes GIF


Authoritarian alert!

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I would strongly encourage all not vaccinated to look into getting a fraudulent piece of paper to fulfill your needs.

If this happens in Boston, mark my words, I will print 1000’s of fake cards and leave them in every subway I travel to. It’s only a piece of paper people can figure out the info to write there easily enough.

NYC OG’ers, anyone being civily disobedient, or is everyone just taking the anal probe?

Heard n.o. and s.f.(?) Also. All dems making those calls. Hmmm…

Just ignore it and go wherever you want.

Make them become the aggressors.

They won’t.


So I can go to a movie without black people talking and yelling throughout the film? Fuck, DeCommio just got my vote.


BTW, fellas. I was just having a little fun. I think you all know I think this is an outrageous attack upon individual liberties.

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They will revise that to 2 doses min since the booster is going to be pushed hardcore and fully vax will mean shots + booster

lol, hilarious