How to make ISO copies of write protected DVD?

I'm doing the same thing now. It takes a long time, and the idea to torrent crossed my mind, I'm just not comfortable doing that. Even if I own the hard copy.

I'm using AnyDvd by the way for ISO. Phone Post 3.0

Yes, AnyDVD HD is the shit. AFAIK it's the only one that updates monthly & can beat everything you can throw at it, including the annoying scheme from S*ny I won't name out of paranoia. It's especially insidious as you won't know your backup's protected until you've watched 10-20 minutes of it.

Nitecrawler -
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BKViper - Why not just torrent the digital copies rather than spending time ripping hard copies? Phone Post 3.0
Risk...? Phone Post 3.0

Also most movies torrents are just that, the movies. I want the ISO copies so I get all the menus extras etc.

I know they probably have those as well, but to go through every disc I have, find the file I want etc seems just as labor intensive as throwing a disc in and walking away for a half hour or so while my PC rips it. Phone Post 3.0
No risk if you get on a private tracker.
But I do understand if you are into the extras and such, as those are very rarely encoded into torrents.
And as for rarity, I've been able to find the most obscure films you can imagine on torrent. Indy, foreign, old, you name it. If you get on a good private tracker you'll be safe and likely have access to 99% of the movies you want, just not all the extras. Phone Post 3.0

PoiuPoiu - huh? a iso file is not a watchable video file
Is this a question or statement? Just curious, couldn't tell.

You can play ISO files using kodi. Phone Post 3.0