How to make money with football

1 Be an AC Milan Fan

2 Buy a season ticket so you have the rights on Champions League tickets

3 Buy CL tickets for 50 euros each

4 sell them on eBay for (at least) 300 euros each

Obviously i'm joking, but today a guy offered me 300 euros for my Milan - Man UTD ticket.

i wouldnt pay that much to watch milan get beaten on home soil,

really not worth it

Easy Money for sure. Infact, if you can get a season ticket in any sport with a popular team you can make money IMO.

1) Get tickets to any England tournament finals games.

2) Sell them for a fucking shitload to any one of your pick of England fans.

I've been away with England to the last few tournaments and seen other people pay crazy money. One of the saddest/harshest/funniest was when some guy paid £400 for 2 tickets to the France v England game at the start of Euro 2004 in Portugal. We saw him after he'd been turned away from the turnstyles after being informed that his tickets were fakes. Denied :[

I've always got lucky with touts and through official channels.

That guy must have been a little upset Mozzer!

He was raging - I got the hell out of his way. Then some scousers threw a Frenchman in the fountain along with his mobile and digital camera, and everyone was jolly again!

i would have smiled at french men or scousers being thrown in a fountain